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Why can’t I add something to my basket?

I am having trouble placing an order online, do you take phone orders?

I’ve sent you an email, when will you reply?

I need to change my order, who can help with this?

What if I change my mind and wanted a different style, pattern or color after my order is placed?

I live outside of the United States.Can I order from your website?

Who can I ask about restocks?

Do you offer discount codes?



Is it safe to order online on your website?

What payment methods can I use?

Will my order be taxed?

Is that Canadian or USD $ on the site? It's just that I am shopping from Canada and I am confused.


When will my order arrive and what does it cost to ship my order?

Do you ship outside the United States?

My order still hasn’t arrived, I think it is lost?

Do you ship orders to multiple addresses?


What if I am not pleased with my purchase? Can I return the purchase?

What do I do if my item arrives damaged?

What will it cost me to make a return or exchange?

If I give a gift to someone, can that person return ir ot exchange it for something else?

How long does it take to process my return?

I shipped something back to you. Do you have it yet?



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