• The Only Way to Cook

    The Only Way to Cook


    We all want to create something that will have an impact on the world. And we often give up even before we begin because we feel the only way to do that is to make something groundbreaking and exceptional. But don’t forget - the smallest actions make the biggest impact.

    Cooking has always been a way to give back to the world. To make something for us and for others, to share a piece of our imagination and dedication. There is something intrinsically natural in the act of preparing food. We hold a piece of nature in our hands and we patiently mold it until it becomes a thing that brings joy and creates memories.

    That is why we at Kozy strongly believe that this act should be as natural as can be. We suggest starting mindful cooking with our WHOLEHEARTED COOKING GIFT SET. Turn off your TV and put your phone on silent for a while. Use a cookbook or a tablet. Prop it up in front of yourself on our handcrafted wooden stand, open the recipe you marked earlier (the gift set also includes a book-marker), and begin. Just the way people used to do, decades and centuries before you. Follow every step, but don’t forget to have fun and experiment a little. The biggest discoveries are made by accident. If you lack inspiration, don’t worry. We included three interesting recipes from around the world to get you started.

    Wholehearted Cooking Gift Set

    Also, try to surround yourself with natural materials. Use knives with wooden holds, use earthenware or ceramic bowls, even opt for carved kitchen utensils. Buy as many ingredients as you can from local, organic markets and vendors that avoid selling single-use plastic bags and are earth-friendly in general. Another way to connect to nature when cooking is to plant your own spices and herbs. This spring, fill your kitchen with freshly planted pots of rosemary, small peppers, thyme, and oregano. Take your time and be mindful of every step of the process.

    Wholehearted Cooking Gift Set

    Doing all this is guaranteed to relax you and leave you feeling fulfilled and satisfied. Enjoy your meal on your own, or share it with someone as a thank you - whatever you choose, know that you did this. And you can do it again, whenever and wherever you want. This is why we decided to add a durable drawstring bag to the pack, so you can share your cooking skills at your friends’ home or practice cooking exotic dishes while you travel. We hope this gift set will make you feel at home, sweet and kozy, wherever you may be.




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