• The Perfect Gift for MOM

    The Perfect Gift for MOM


    Picture this: you swore you were going to start gift shopping for that special someone weeks ago, but you practically just blinked and now the big day is just right around the corner and you still have nothing. They mean so much to you and you can't just get them just any old gift, not again. You need a gift that is worthy of your loved one. Something new, something different, something they will love. Can you relate?  

    Okay, now picture this: the big day arrives and your not worried because you found THE perfect gift. A gift that can help you create beautiful moments together, something useful yet beautiful. You got a beautifully crafted 100% eco-friendly bamboo portable tray that can be used for a romantic breakfast in bed, or as snack tray for your movie night in, or even to carry a few cocktails out to the pool. As if that wasn't enough to help create the perfect gift, the tray came as a bundle and you also received a coaster, vase, kitchen towel, AND breakfast recipes to try from around the world. Sounds better than the first scenario, right? 

    Now as dramatic as everything above is, we do know that gift shopping for the ones who matter most to you can be a nightmare. We here at Kozy Sweet Home® are all about creating moments of comfort and ease, beauty and elegance, it is kind of our thing. So let us help you do what we do best. Let us help you create those comfortable, beautiful moments with your loved ones. Purchase this breakfast in bed tray bundle and receive the 100% bamboo tray with foldable legs, a kitchen towel, small vase, coaster, and the perfect platform to start creating those moments of “comfort and ease, beauty and elegance” with your loved ones.  




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